Even as foldable displays are slowly gaining popularity in the smartphone market, a similar technology known as stretchable displays is gradually emerging. LG Display has demonstrated a new 12-inch panel that can be stretched to a 14-inch display. The display size will return to its 12-inch size when it is released without taking any damage, according to the company. This kind of bendable, stretchable display could be used in clothing and furniture as it can easily conform to complex shapes and the ability to stretch will make it more comfortable to wear.

LG Display said in a press release that it foresees uses for the “Stretchable” display in various industries including “fashion, wearables, mobility and gaming”. It could even find a place in the automobile and aircraft industry as well, according to the company.

As far as prototype panels go this display appears to offer high quality specifications. At 100ppi it has pixel density similar to that of a 40-inch 4K TV. And it has full-colour RGB capabilities, according to the company.

LG says that the display is built on a special silicon substrate that is also used for contact lenses. It features micro-LEDs that are connected via S-shaped springs instead of straight wires so that they can stretch 20 per cent without breaking.

The company says that its Stretchable display is the result of a large-scale national research and development project the company was selected to lead by South Korea’s Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (MOTIE) in 2020.

According to a report by GSMArena, a company named Royole had showcased a stretchable 2.7-inch display demo panel with a 96 x 60 pixels resolution last year. Back in 2017, Samsung demonstrated a stretchable display, though that one was mostly able to survive deformation rather than stretch to a new size.

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