Twitter for Android Adds Support for Sharing Tweets on Instagram Stories, Snapchat: All Details


Twitter on Thursday announced that it has added support for sharing tweets directly to Instagram Stories and Snapchat. The ability to quickly “post” a tweet to Instagram was first introduced on iOS last year. Twitter users on Android can directly select a tweet to share to their stories on the popular photo and video sharing service, without taking a screenshot, which could help reduce clutter on their smartphones. The microblogging service also announced support for LinkedIn sharing on both Android and iOS on Thursday. 

On Thursday, Twitter announced that users on Android can now share tweets directly to Instagram and Snapchat. Users who have updated to the latest version can click on the share button, then tap on the Instagram icon, to share a tweet to their Instagram Stories.  

After sharing a tweet to Instagram, users can move the tweet around, rotate it, or change the size to improve visibility of certain content. They can then share it as a story, or send it to individual users or a group.

However, just like on iOS, neither the person sharing the tweet to their Instagram Stories nor people who view it, will be able to tap it or interact with it in any way. This means users won’t be able to view replies to the tweet, unless the person who shared the tweet also shared a link on their Instagram Stories.

Just as Twitter doesn’t allow users to retweet any tweets posted by a protected account, the feature will not allow users to share protected tweets to Instagram Stories or Snapchat, likely in order to protect the privacy of users on the microblogging service. 

It is worth noting that the ability to share tweets to Instagram on Android comes over a year it was introduced on Twitter for iOS. Users have been able to post tweets from their timeline to their Instagram Stories since June 2021. 

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