Battlegrounds Mobile India — the local avatar of PUBG Mobile — received a client patch on Saturday to fix some of the known issues. The update fixes a bug that was causing the battle royale game to be stuck at the loading screen when the player is wearing Unicorn-set outfits. There is also a fix for the issue that was shutting down Battlegrounds Mobile India on some devices. Developer Krafton has released the patch just days after it reported the issues online. Some of the known problems are yet to be fixed, though.

Krafton provided release notes for the client patch through the Battlegrounds Mobile India site. As per the notes, the update fixes the problem that was keeping the game stuck at the loading screen when wearing Unicorn-set outfits. It was first reported last week.

The latest client patch also addresses the issue that was shutting down the game when accessing the Season (C1S1) menu on some devices. There is also a fix for the problem that was causing players to not get shot when riding a buggy vehicle in the Mission Ignition mode. Further, the patch fixes the issue that was reducing the sound coming from the Tesla vehicle of other players.

Battlegrounds Mobile India has received the patch through a server-side update. This means that you don’t need to download a new version from the Google Play store. However, the patch will be applied once you restart the game.

Although the latest patch addresses a number of known issues, there are still some that are yet to be fixed. For instance, Krafton has mentioned on its site that users are still not able to claim in-game currency UC in some cases and receive an error saying, “UC not being claimed intermittently after purchase.” It appears when the affected users try to purchase the UC from the game.

Some users are also not able to claim rewards from the Daily Special Bundle. Similarly, in some cases, the game moves to a wrong page when a user accesses Supply Medal claimed from Advanced Supplies Crate.

Krafton has advised all these users to reach out to the developer team by going through Settings > Basic > Customer Service from the game.

Battlegrounds Mobile India debuted earlier this month as the Indian version of PUBG Mobile and received its first content update last week. That update brought features including Mission Ignition mode and access to Tesla Gigafactory. However, it also introduced the issues that the company is fixing through its patches.

It is important to point out that Krafton has itself claimed that Battlegrounds Mobile India crossed the mark of over 34 million players in the first week of its launch. This suggests that the issues may have a large impact and thus requires speedy fixes.