Flexiple co-founder and CEO Karthik Sridharan shared a fascinating story on Twitter of No Code tools that helped him build a startup with $2 million (roughly Rs. 14.6 crores) revenue. Flexiple is a network of top freelance developers and designers. The No Code tools, Sridharan said, cost his company just $80 (roughly Rs. 5,800) a month. In a thread, Sridharan said that a lot of people had gotten back to him asking how he utilises No Code tools. Earlier this week, on June 7, he tweeted that he would share seven types of no-code tools along with: “1) Specific use case each solves. 2) Real examples. 3) Alternatives.”

In the second tweet on his thread, Sridharan suggests marketing websites and tools and how to use them. He has also shared videos showing how the tools are to be used.

“You can simply drag & drop elements onto a page. Build a marketing website in less than 60 mins Easily edit your marketing copy & communication to customers,” he wrote.

The next tweet was a continuation of the previous one and the Flexiple CEO said he and his team had built their entire website containing over 50+ pages on the Unicorn platform.

In the next tweet of the thread, Sridharan wrote about “database storage and information websites” for which he recommends using the Airtable tool.

“Use cases: Advanced and more UI-friendly excel. Easily collect data using an intuitive form. Neatly present the data on your website in intuitive layouts,” he wrote, attaching a demo video as well.

In one of the threads, Sridharan said that to help individuals laid off due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the team built a page listing those who could be hired.

“Alternatives: Tools like Sheet2site, Table2site work well with Airtable to make quick websites,” he concluded in this part.

Moving on to “beautiful info and e-commerce websites”, he says the tool for this is web flow.

“Build beautiful custom layouts without Code. Leverage its “CMS” to make numerous automated pages. Use particularly if you are a designer and want to implement custom design to pixel perfection,” he said.

This tweet, too, carried a video, explaining how the tool functioned.

Then he goes on to tweet about automating workflows, for which his suggestion is to use tools Zapier and Integromat.

“Automate recurring manual effort. Store data in CRM, send automated emails, integrate tools, etc,” he said, adding, “@zapier is more intuitive but costly, @integromat has a steeper learning curve but handles complex cases.”

“Almost all our dynamic flows are handled by Zapier or Integromat. User signup -> storing their data in our db -> sending them a mail,” he wrote in the next part of the thread. The alternatives for this one, he said are Parabola and Automate.

Next is “Login & membership systems” for Sridharan suggested MemberstackApp and member space tools.

“To convert your static website to have signups/logins and to also manage SAAS memberships. Restrict content or pages to only paid users,” he wrote, adding that they built a dashboard for new projects viewing, sharing invoices, etc. using the above set of tools.

And here are two tweets explaining the “complex web-based product.”

At last, in the series of tweets, Sridharan spoke about mobile apps, suggesting Glideapps and AdaloHQ.

“Build complex mobile apps with a simple drag & drop functionality. Automate user actions with in-built workflows. Use their own DB or even GoogleSheets to store data,” he wrote, adding that he had not used these products himself, but a cool example would be of the apps made to help organise and share COVID-19 resources with people.

He ended his thread by telling his followers to “start building great products.”

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