Google Search Reportedly Updated to Show Games Available on Cloud Streaming Services


Google Search has begun showing users which video games can be streamed through a particular cloud gaming service, according to a report. The search results do not lead to gaming consoles’ storefronts or to PC game stores — instead, the search giant shows results related to cloud gaming. The report suggested that this could be due to the company’s Stadia streaming service. The list of services are also said to differ between desktop and mobile. Earlier this month, Google begam testing a row of square cards on its homepage, on desktop browsers, to show information related to markets, trending, weather, what to watch, and more.

According to a recent report by 9to5Google, Google Search will show what cloud streaming services provide access to video games you are searching for. Google already offers this service for movies, music, and TV, surfacing links to stream content on specific services. As mentioned earlier, the list of services are also said to differ between desktop and mobile. For example, searching for Destiny 2 on Android reportedly showed a link for Stadia, while searching for the same on a desktop browser displayed Nvidia’s GeForce Now and Stadia.

The report noted that the results being shown are restricted to cloud gaming and don’t lead to stores for console games or PC game retailers. As mentioned earlier, this could be because of Google’s game streaming services. Meanwhile, gamers can also see which games provide access to a free trial on Stadia — the title for these games will switch to green, according to the report.

According to an earlier report Google Search for Web began testing a row of square cards on its homepage to show the information related to stocks and markets, trending news, weather, and what to watch. A few users tweeted regarding the change saying that logging back into after clearing browsing history showed the homepage with the square cards.

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