Battlegrounds Mobile India allows players to transfer their data from PUBG Mobile over to the new game, but the feature will be temporarily shut down starting July 6. The game, developed by Krafton, became available to download on Android devices last month in early access and players were pleased to find that they can sort of continue with Battlegrounds Mobile India from where they left off in PUBG Mobile after its ban in September last year. Battlegrounds Mobile India was released officially for the public today.

South Korean developer Krafton shared through a notice on the official Battlegrounds Mobile India website that the data transfer service will temporarily shut down starting July 6 until further notice. The developer states some maintenance is needed and so players will not be able to transfer over their data from PUBG Mobile to Battlegrounds Mobile India starting July 6.

The data transfer service is currently active and allows Battlegrounds Mobile India players to their account and most of its content including achievements, inventory, rank, skins, and more over from PUBG Mobile. This allows Krafton to store the personal data of Indian players on servers in India and Singapore.

Recently, this feature came under fire when it was observed that Battlegrounds Mobile India was sending data servers in China, Hong Kong, US, and Moscow. In a statement, Krafton clarified that it is aware of the recent worries over data handling and that a small update was pushed to remove Chinese servers from data sharing. Krafton also said that data is shared with third parties to enable specific features in the game.

At this point, it is unclear if the maintenance scheduled for July 6 has something to do with these data transfer concerns or if it’s unrelated.

Battlegrounds Mobile India officially launched today for Android devices and there is no update on an iOS release for now. The game is essentially PUBG Mobile but with some tweaks. It is a free-to-play battle royale experience for which 10 million players have already jumped in. Notably, the game was playable since mid-June when it was in early access.